Tuesday, June 24, 2014

We grid and wash the gliders...

WGC2014 – Rayskala, Finland
24 June   (Third scheduled competition day)
by John Good

Rules for today’s report preclude any adverse comments relating to Finland weather.  So I can mention that we gridded all gliders today and made a valiant attempt to fly, but that no actual motorless aviation resulted.  The reason for this is left to the imagination of the reader...

I believe these rules do not enjoin me from taking up such subjects as the relative effectiveness of cloth towels vs. plastic squeegees in removing moisture from smooth composite aerodynamic surfaces.  As it happens, we collected considerable data on this today, and (based on today’s and previous experiments) I’m definitely in the squeegee camp.  Note that quality squeegees are more common than is generally supposed: nearly all motor vehicles have two, in the form of windshield wipers.

I can mention that we had about the warmest weather yet seen at Räyskälä – high temperature was around 60F.  And we are told that this trend may continue.

It’s been noted that I’m behind on reports of bird sightings.  Räyskälä hasn’t yet produced much notable news on this front, though we regularly see a pair of Eurasian Cranes in a field near our eastern lake.  Other common sightings are Wagtails, Hooded Crows, and Cuckoos.  An Osprey was seen flying over the gridded gliders today.

At 10pm, another significant dose of the Precipitation that Must Not be Mentioned is falling, so I’ll end this short report in hopes of being able to report something better tomorrow.

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