Monday, June 9, 2014

Garret Willat places 5th in Finnish Club Class Nationals!

...and the rest of the story is how he managed to arrive last Sunday in order to race Day One:

"Last Thursday, May 29, I flew from the US to Amsterdam to pick up my rented glider . On Friday, 'my' glider was out on task at the Dutch Nationals in Terlet and the day was getting late.  Most pilots were landing out.  My glider was one of only two finishers!  It was now 7:50pm and I had a 5 hour drive to check-in at 1:30 am aboard the Finland bound ferry boat .  But, on the way, I get stuck at the toll booth because they had no change for my 500euro bill... I had to wait for a few truckers to pay tolls so they could make change. At this point I am very late. I am doing the math, looking at the clock...

 What is the speed limit?  Oh that won't do it... But I made it over the line min energy, pucker factor  through the roof. I had at least 3 min reserve...

On the 27 hour ferry ride, I attempt to recover from jet lag while getting to bed at 3am with the Red Bull slowly fading away. We arrive Helsinki at 9am to clear customs. I still had a 120 km drive to get to Rayskalla to make the launch for Day One.“
Well, he not only made the launch but he placed seventh on this first day, landing out along with everyone else!!!!
Garret went on to place fifth overall, despite having to cut short another day to go back to the airport and help retrieve the Australian Team pilot Adam Woodley,who had landed out.
Garret is now touring the Lapland (northernmost province of Finland) with his two little daughters... and hopefully getting some rest!

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