Friday, July 4, 2014

Our weathermen were sent to North Korea!

WGC2014 – Räyskälä, Finland
2 July   (another no-contest day)
by John Good

Our last two weathermen are in North Korea.
Hopefully they will learn they must please their audience!

Just a short report today – of yet another valiant but failed attempt at a soaring task.  We gridded all gliders, waited patiently, and actually saw enough narrow bands of sunlight to give us hope that the low clouds and rain showers might give way to something better.
But the low-pressure system just north of Räyskälä continued to swirl new moisture into our area, and rendered hopes forlorn – around 2:30 all tasks were canceled.  By evening, gaps between clouds were larger, occasional sun was seen, and we even enjoyed a brief bright rainbow – which we’d like to think is an omen of something better on the way.  We are running out of days at WGC2014 (just three remain) and we need to do more flying.

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